Taclight 2000

Taclight 2000A Reliable, Durable Light Source

Do you pack two headlamps when you go camping? Or extra batteries? Because, every time you’ve gone camping or backpacking your headlamps batteries wear out. Or, without fail, one of your headlamps doesn’t work. It’s doesn’t take too much time to pack these extras things. But, you know that every pound matter in a pack. And if there is any way to cut out extra weight, you do it. There is no need to pack that extra headlamp, or extra batteries, because Taclight 2000 exists.

Taclight 2000 is an advanced headlamp that is designed to be your foolproof, 100% dependable light source for any camping or backpacking trip. Or, for any occasion really. You have definitely found yourself using a headlamp in everyday situations as well. They are an essential tool that, once utilized, you can’t imagine your life without. Reading in bed without having to get up to turn the lights off. Taking your dog out at night. While you’re riding your bike. There are so many times you’ve been thankful to have a headlamp. And now, you’ll be thankful to have the Taclight 2000 Headlamp. The button below will bring you to a trial offer, so you can place an order, right now!

Why Taclight 2000 Is Your Headlamp Solution

Taclight 2000 offers many features that can’t be found on a typical headlamp. It is made with high grade aluminum alloy. There are no straps involved that can loosen over time and eventually need to be replaced. There is no readjusting involved while you’re wearing it. The aluminum alloy material keeps the Taclight 2000 in place. And, it holds up extremely well over time. So, you won’t have to replace anything on it. The Taclight 2000 has 2 18650 batteries. Which means, it has a lot of juice. There is no chance it will die on you in that crucial moment. And, there is no need to pack extra batteries. The bulb included with a Taclight 2000 Headlamp also has 5000 lumens, ensuring you optimum light.

Here are a few other features, and perks:

  • 4 Switch Mode – High, Medium, Low, and Strobe
  • Free Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • A Secure Transaction

Ordering Taclight 2000

Ordering Taclight 2000 is simple. Click the information link to the right, and you’ll be directed to the checkout page. You fill out your shipping information and within 2-5 business days you’ll receive your own Taclight 2000 headlamp. So, it works just like any other online purchase. However, another perk of Taclight 2000, you get a trial offer. So, you can try out the headlamp and make sure it truly is the product you want. If it isn’t, you return it. That’s the deal. It’s simple, convenient and designed to benefit you!

Taclight 2000 Trial Information

A trial offer lasts 15 days, and starts when you submit your order. There is a low-cost shipping and handling fee of $4.95 included. Try out the headlamp during those 15 days. Make sure you get a good feel for it and utilize all its features. Because, you must decide by the end of the trial offer. If you decide you love this product, let your trial offer expire and you will automatically get signed up. If you decide this headlamp isn’t for you, simply call and cancel your offer by the end of the 15 days. You will not be charged, and you owe nothing more.

If you think you’ll forget to cancel the offer. No worries! You’ll be notified via e-mail when your trial is about to expire. You can cancel two ways. You can either call customer service. Or, you can send an e-mail to support@taclight2000.com.

Additional Trial and Payment Information

  • If you decide to pay the full amount for a Taclight 2000 Headlamp, you still have a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Any charges will appear as HEADLAMPS 863-333-0667 on your billing statement.
  • After checking out, you will be given an estimated delivery date. While this is fairly accurate, it is not a guaranteed delivery date.
  • You can call at any time to track your order.Taclight 2000 Flashlight

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